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 fom automatic cutting line - scm group
The auto load system feeds the aluminium extrusions into the gripper system. CNC controlled the gripper can move in up to 4 axis to suit many profiles shapes. The sensor in the gripper positions the extrusion at the zero point, then allows feeding into the sawing system. The heart and soul of the cutting line is the saw.

 fom mirage 600 automated cutting line - scm group
The MIRAGE 600 is a single head electro-pneumatic sawing machine with 600mm up-feed blade and automatic bar feeder. We then integrate this with automatic loading and unloading systems and we have the FOM Mirage 600 Automated Cutting Line.

 leader in automatic cut | digital cutter | cutting trading ...
Cutting Trading International Leader in the production, manufacture and sale of automation tied to cutting textile fibres, synthetic fibres, PVC, plastics, carbon, Kevlar, fibreglass and more. More details CUTTING TRADING BEYOND SIMPLE CUTTING On-going research, development and innovation make Cutting Trading International a leader in the cutting world. Over twenty years of experience has […]

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 automated cutting & sewing developments | textile world
Figure 3: Pattern matching systems including CAD software by Zund (a); and a visual nest for leather cutting (b) and sublimation print cutting from Kuris (c) Automation In Sewing Production processes involved in garment assembly are divided into two sub-functions — handling of material and joining of fabric components.

 why should i automate my production line? - rna automation
Benefits of automated production lines. Written by: RNA Automation Why should I automate my production line? An automated production line is comprised of a series of workstations linked by a transfer system and an electrical control system.

 structural steel automation at the end of the line
Machine tool developers have done a great job of automating many of the operations associated with structural steel processing over the years. Automated cutting, drilling, and marking are widely adopted in the industry. The same, however, can't be said for assembly and welding, but that could be changing.

 robotic multi-functional beam processing line for steel ...
From the world's most experienced robotic cutting supplier. Since 1983, we deliver robotic beam cutting lines.Coming from the highly demanding offshore construction world, we tailor our robotic cutting lines to the needs of your industry. There is simply no supplier with 30 years of experience in this field.

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