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 push button panel - pendant control
Production of push button panels (pendant controls, pendant push button or remote controls with cable) single or dual lead for hoists, cranes, welding machines etc. Button panels for electric motors direct control. Writings (minimum height of letters = 5mm) carved even in foreign languages.

 pushbutton control stations & pendants | springer controls ...
Springer Controls offers 3 different types of push button control stations. The N5 series uses standard IEC 22.5mm pilot devices. The N7 series uses standard NEMA 30mm pilot devices. The Victor series is from TER and uses the same contacts and pilot devices as the Mike series pendant. These are proprietary from Tecno Elettrica Ravasi.

 pendant push button pimac - control panel enclosures and ...
Pendant push button Our pendant puch button dedicated to the world of industrial automation are made of anodized aluminum and powder coated steel. Configured according to the customer's requirements are proposed as a compact and easy to maintain thanks to the convenient hinged front panel.

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 s.t.z. s.r.l. - produzione di pulsantiere, pedaliere ...
S.T.Z. srl produces and sells push button panel (pendant control), car-top inspection stations, pedal control (footswitch), limit switch, rotating collectors, transformers and safety handles (trigger switch) for radial and band saws. Enter (English)

 push button pendant stations | rs components
Push button pendant stations are a type of handheld housing for push buttons, which includes a covering case and the buttons themselves. In this way, they differ from push button pendant enclosures, which are just the case.Push buttons are a simple type of mechanical switch, which are used to control one function in a machine or device.

 push-button pendant switches | mcmaster-carr
Control cranes and other mobile machinery in dirty, outdoor, and wet environments without damaging your switch. The plastic housing is rated NEMA 4X to protect the switch interior from dust, sprayed water, and ice. They are also rated NEMA 12 for keeping out oil and other liquid drips. All of these switches can be wired to prevent two buttons from operating at the same time.

 overhead crane controls: push button pendants vs. radio ...
A pendant control hangs down from the hoist or off of a separate festoon track and allows the operator to control the crane and the load as it moves down the runway. A handheld controller with push buttons is directly wired into the hoist or a separate festoon track and hangs down to be used by the operator.

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