GPM Service has for years been the partner of the main Italian companies operating in the aerospace, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, food and heat treatment sectors in general. The acquired experience, the flexibility in the interventions, the spare parts warehouse and the repair laboratory, make GPM Service the main partner of the successful Italian companies. GPM Service carries out checks according to the AMS2750 aeronautical regulations which allow it to work in close contact with the most technologically advanced realities of the Italian industry.

Thanks to thirty years of experience in the field of thermoregulation and industrial automation, GPM Service is able to provide various services, such as:

  • External calibration services and certifications of equipment installed in the field;
  • Internal calibration services in the laboratory;
  • Technical assistance (plant start-up, repairs and maintenance on machinery and instrumentation, supply of spare equipment and consumables).
  • Services to companies with training courses and creation of technical application manuals, consultancy in the metrological, thermometric, barometric and instrumentation sectors of industrial processes;
  • supply of software systems and process instrumentation.

Since 2012 GPM Service also houses the ACCREDIA Centro LAT 191 UOD (NO) Metrological Laboratory, accredited for calibrating thermocouples, thermoresistances and thermometric chains for temperatures from -80 ° C to 1100 ° C.

 AutomationPlus deals with planning, design, installation and commissioning of machinery for the control of industrial processes.