MPM Mascot

This is BIRILLO, BIRU also called, is a foundling who is now happy, he lives with us and is our mascot!!


The MPM performs its activities in the field of automation and industrial electronics, particularly in the areas of:

  • Rotogravure printing machine;
  • Plastic materials line production;
  • Extruders;
  • Laminates and paper impregnation line;
  • Robotics and CNC machines;
  • Automated assembly line with anthropomorphic robots;
  • Food industry;
  • Industrial temperature control.

The workforce of the company is made up of qualified staff including: hardware and software engineers, designers, electricians and secretary.

MPM is focused on the future and is always looking for new areas in which to operate and collaborate, trying to continually improve learning with innovative technologies and delivering technical certifications and quality.

MPM is always on the side of the customer to follow it consistently providing adequate services to their every need.

Designing qualified assistance to the solution of new problems, fast and accurate answers to inquiries, assistance in short term and quality assurance make MPM an ideal partner.



Company Data

MPM S.r.l.
VAT N. 01594410035
I.R.I: NO - REA: 183865
Capital: € 26.000


Via Trecate 13 D 28068 Romentino
Novara - Italy
Tel: (+39) 0321 860 638 
Fax: (+39) 0321 868 753


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